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Review of  Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel

Eye Cream Review Score: 99/100

A total success on all 3 categories of how we rate Eye Creams.

Buy the Dermagist Eye Gel

Dermagist has finally created the ultimate in eye care treatment with their Eye Revolution Gel.  This sensational eye gel has all the industry experts gasping for air.  The latest in the award winning product line of Dermagist Cosmeceuticals, Eye Revolution Gel treats each and every aspect of eye aging and does so with only the best of ingredients.  Whether you are looking to remove fine lines and wrinkles, reduce dark circles, eliminate puffiness, or regenerate skin cells to keep yourself looking your best for years to come, Dermagist does it all.

During our testing, we isolated each of the symptoms of the eye and tested to see how this eye gel would measure up to the competition.  It did not take long to realize we were dealing with something very special with this gel.  From the quality of ingredients to the overall balance and delivery of the gel, this eye treatment is by far the best that we have seen….ever!

Dermagist Eye Revolution DOMINATED The THREE Categories:

1.  Wrinkle Smoothing around the eye: Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel treats the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes with the pinnacle of anti wrinkle ingredients, Matrixyl.  This copper peptide is known not only for its documented success in treating wrinkles, but its ability to stimulate skin cell growth, replacing older, wrinkled skin cells with newer, more elastic ones.  Award winning in its own right, Matrixyl is not alone in its battle against wrinkles and signs of aging, Dermagist’s Eye Revolution Gel has added Domestica Fruit Stem Structure (Stem Cells) to further the cell regeneration and the healing of wrinkles, fine lines, and just about any sign of aging.  This plant stem cell combines with your regenerative skin cells to drastically speed up the process of skin regeneration.  This ingredient is solely responsible for the incredible speed at which this eye gel works.

2.  Dark Circles under the eye: For the dark circles and puffiness usually found underneath the eyes, Dermagist employs the use of Haloxyl®.  Haloxyl is the premier ingredient to reinforce the firmness and tone of the delicate skin around the eye as well as the elimination of blood originated pigmentation that causes the dark circles under your eyes.  Some creams on the market use dangerous chemicals to inhibit melatonin.  This is not the proper cure for dark circles under eyes, and it rarely works.  Instead, Dermagist’s Eye Revolution Gel combats the specific type of dark skin coloration involved JUST around the eye.  Wow,  the benefits of this eye cream are far beyond the competition’s efforts.

3.  Puffiness and Bags under the eyes: Eyeliss®, an expensive name brand ingredient that specifically fights the puffiness and bags associated with the eye area is another ingredient in this miraculous eye gel.  Eyeliss firms and tones the skin comfortably and with such effectiveness and comfort, that it has won many awards in Europe. Eyeliss even contributes to the removal of fine lines.  By including these ingredients in addition the other sensational ones, Dermagist clearly intends to leave all other eye creams in the dust. (and it does)

We were totally blown away by the list of key ingredients that this eye gel contains.  You’d think the cream costs $500, but it doesn’t.   It’s just over $100 for two bottles.

Buy the Dermagist Eye Gel

Want to compare all the eye creams out there?

Take a look at our comparison chart. Here, you will see approximately 20 eye creams or gels, that are highlighted on the 3 most vital aspects that an eye gel must deliver: Helping Dark Circles, Helping Under Eye Bags, and Helping Wrinkles.

Click on the product name, or the “see review” link to see our review on each product.

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Product Name Overall Rating Dark Circles Under-eye Bags Wrinkles #038; Lines Learn More
dermagist eye gelDermagist 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars See Review
eyevectin eye gelEyevectin 3 stars 2 3 stars 3 stars See Review
dermalyzeDermalyze 3 stars 3 stars 3 stars 3 stars See Review
eyelightenEyelighten 3 stars 3 stars 2 3 stars See Review
molecule 4Molecule 4 3 stars 3 stars 3 stars 5 stars See Review
hydrolyzeHydrolyze 2 3 stars 3 stars 2 See Review
restoreyes iq derma eye gelIQ Derma 3 stars 3 stars 2 3 stars See Review
eyevive eye gelEyevive 2 3 stars 3 stars 2 See Review
avalon organics eye gelAvalon Organics 3 stars 2 2 2 See Review
youthology eye creamYouthology 3 stars 3 stars 3 stars 3 stars See Review
prototype 37-c eye gelPrototype 37-c 3 stars 3 stars 2 2 See Review
skinceuticals eye gelSkinceuticals 3 stars 2 3 stars 3 stars See Review
eyelastin eye gelEyelastin 3 stars 2 3 stars 3 stars See Review
lift-sp eye gelLift SP 3 stars 2 3 stars 3 stars See Review
revitalume eye gel creamRevitalume 3 stars 2 3 stars 3 stars See Review

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