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Eyelastin Eye Gel

eyelastin eye wrinkle gelEyelastin eye gel got a 65/100 rating.

The good news is that Eyelastin targets dark circles, bags, and wrinkles.. the three main problems with the eye area.  Too often, a so called “eye gel” only treats one of the three big symptoms.

Eyelastin uses Argireline, Hyaluronic acid, and generic matrixyl, arnica, and synake.   These ingredients attempt to smooth, moisturize, “relax muscles” and reduce swelling.   They use the old “proprietary blend” curtain to hide behind, so we don't, unfortunately, get to find out what concentration % the eye gel contains of each ingredient.

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Truthfully, many “drugstore” type of eye gels that cost less than $10, contain hyaluronic acid and argireline, so we were left with the generic matrixyl, and synake to validate the cost of this eye gel, at $59.    We had hoped to see a better ingredient for directly addressing the dark circles and puffy eye bags, than the ones that Eyelastin contains.  In our opinion, besides the Matrixyl, it lacks any serious ingredients proven for circles and bags.

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How it worked when we tried it was sort of disappointing.  We did feel a nice smoothing of the skin, and some minor wrinkle reduction.  There was virtually no improvement, however, on the discoloration or bagginess.  Perhaps the concentrations of the ingredietns was just a little too low to yield results in the short time we tested.   It appears that the consumers who commented, also agreed.

Customer Service:  The company offers a lot of information on their website about how to contact them, and plenty of email addresses and phone numbers.  Their physical address is plainly available.  They DO offer a 30 day money back guarantee, but charge a 25% “administration” fee.   We have NO PROBLEM with this, as there are too many consumers who commit “refund abuse” and try to get free products.

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Complaint Index:  We have received no complaints about Eyelastin regarding the level of service or receiving the product.  Some consumers have reported being let down by the results of using the eye gel, but they seem to have been satisifactorily taken care of by the company.

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