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revitalume eye gelRevitalume Eye Gel got a 44/100 rating.

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If you take a closer look you can find a complete description of the ingredients it uses, and the ingredient list is actually fairly impressive.  It uses peptides which we all know are the best for healing wrinkles and stimulating collagen, and by combining them with natural extracts like cucumber extract and green tea extract creates a well balanced formula.  The active ingredient that specifically treats the dark circles is Hesperidin methyl chalcone.  It is not as effective as Haloxyl, for example, but it does have some anti oxidants which are always helpful.  Dark circles are usually very difficult to heal completely and need the best ingredients.  Revitalume seems to come up short with this particular active ingredient and it came as no surprise that we saw only limited results when we tested this product.

Here is what we mean: Dark circles are actually caused by particles of blood that have more or less “leaked” out of capillaries.  When this happens, these “loose blood particles” group together in certain parts of the skin and cause the discoloration we commonly call dark circles.  Well, as you can imagine, not just any of the typical moisturizing ingredients that are common (like what revitalume uses) can actually “clean up” these loose particles and clear up the dark circle.  Sure, their ingredients might help to keep the skin moist, thus reducing the likelihood of getting circles at first, but once you have them, you need a real ingredient to clean up the damage.  Be cautions when an eye gel claims to “work” on dark circles, because unless they contain an ingredient like Haloxyl, which is documented as being able to rid skin of the loose blood particles, then it’s likely the gel won’t work.

Company Reliability

Revitalume offers a fairly well documented return policy the details of which are on their website.  We are always more comfortable when a company has a return policy because companies should back up their products.   From our experience with this company, it seems to be a reliable one.  We just think that they could have chosen better ingredients to specifically treat the dark circles.  This is, after all, the name of the product.

Complaint Index
Complaints of this product and company are also minimal in comparison to others.  The big thing that sticks out to us is that many customers do not choose to reorder this product.  They do not feel like it is a “rip off” but it does not impress them enough to continue its use.  It is a middle of the road product and its customer loyalty reflects that.

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